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For the first time in the history of engineered stone in India, we have conceptualised and launched a brand with an array of around 150 varieties globally. KalingaStone marble and quartz collection are exported to over 53 countries across 6 continents. All our products are available in various finish treatments as per the customer’s choice. There are multiple application areas where KalingaStone marble products can be used such as flooring, steps, counters, interior cladding and KalingaStone quartz can be used on kitchen tops, counters, table tops, cafeteria areas etc. With production of 25 million sq.ft of composite marble and 15 million sq.ft of composite quartz annually, the block gantry stores up to 2100 block of marble ensuring consistent and timely supplies to huge projects.


KalingaStone offers you the finest quality of engineered and advanced range of agglomerated stones, marble and quartz. Visit us at
Versatility: KalingaStone marble is available in over sixty colors and textures and can be used on floors, facades, walls, bathrooms, countertops, building external facades, staircases, windows, and door frames.

Polishing: KalingaStone marble can be re-polished, thus maintaining its shine and appearance for long.

Porosity: KalingaStone marble’s, low porosity level results in minimal absorption of water and other liquids thus making it easy to clean and maintain.

Hardness: The product surface hardness and comprehensive strength is more than natural marble, hence making it resistant to breakage. This makes it an ideal product for flooring in high traffic areas.

Consistency: Unlike natural stone, agglomerate marble is available in uniform colors and size, thus minimizing wastage and providing color consistence over a large area.

Cost Effectiveness: KalingaStone’s agglomerated marbles are an elegant and cost effective option to the original marble.

Home flooring and walls
Commercial flooring
Retail establishment and corporate flooring
Staircases, columns, doors, and window frames
Kitchen Counter tops and Vanity tops
Furniture and Furnishings

Company Overview:

Founded in 2009, the state-of-the-art KalingaStone factory is spread across 2,00,000 sq.mts. producing 25 million sq.ft of composite marble and 15 million sq.ft of composite quartz annually.


Indian Power Brand in the marble and stone category for the year 2013.
Best Innovative Product by the Indian Institute of Architects, Mumbai in the year 2010.


1-Engineered (composite) Marble
3-Slim tiles by the name Techlam(3 mm thickness size 1000mm*3000mm)

Shanker Singh Bisht
Kalinga Stone(classic marble company)

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